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Clean and heal your lungs with this natural remedy

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Clean and heal your lungs with this natural home remedy

Today, we are going to make a completely natural and miracle recipe. that can help you heal cough, phlegm, and even asthma. which could be the product of very strong flu or poorly cured cold. And even for what we are facing today. That directly attacks the respiratory system of our body.

The basic ingredients are the following: lemon, honey, aloe vera, red onion, and ginger.

Before starting I want to share with you one of my biggest secrets on how to select the juiciest lemons. The lemon must have two essential characteristics a smooth and shiny shell. Rough-shelled lemons usually don’t have as much juice. Also, when you squeeze the shiny-shell lemon vs. A rough-shelled lemon It is softer to the touch. If the lemon has a rough peel, it doesn’t mean that it will not work.


Simply, leave it outside for a few days to ripen a bit. To choose Bee-honey, I always take the one that has a white foam in the neck of the bottle, if you do not see the foam, smell it if you can, it must smell like honey. Otherwise, it is most likely that you are buying sugar instead of honey. One of my sisters taught me this. She is an expert when it comes to buying honey! If you have an aloe plant, cut the leaf from the bottom up the chubbiest one, very close to the stem. If you don’t have one, you can buy it in a Latin super-market. Once you have it, cut a piece at the end of the leaf. Make sure to dump all that yellow liquid. This liquid is called “bitter aloes” and it has laxative properties. If you take it, you will surely go to the bathroom.


So, rinse it off and wash it well. When you see that no more of the yellow liquid drops, we will proceed to peel it. It’s very easy, she’s a little slippery, but it’s easy. Here we go! Eliminate the edges of thorns. Slice the flat top part And with a spoon scoop out the crystal. And put it straight in the blender. Now, you are going to squeeze the juice out of as many lemons as you need to fill half a cup. For me, it was only three big and shiny ones. Depending on the lemons, it can take from about 5 to 10 lemons. Save the shells for another part of this recipe (this is optional). Put the lemon juice in the blender too. Now you are going to grab the red onion. Cut it in half. and again half of the half. Remove the shells Take one of those halves and cut it again. This is going to be ¼ of the onion. Also, put it in the blender. Now take the ginger and cut a portion of approximately 2 inches. Cut and peel it. Chop it into small pieces and add to the blender too.


And finally, you are going to put a cup of honey in the blender as well. Now we cover it and we are going to blend everything very thoroughly. Until it achieves a single color. It will be pink. With this recipe, you will have a syrup that at first it will seem very foamy, but when it rests it will separate in different layers. Because basically, the fiber of the ginger and the onion are separated from the honey, the lemon, and the aloe. With the remnants of all the squeezed lemons, you are going to put them in a pot to boil with about a liter of water. Let them boil until their skin changes color to a yellowish hue.


Remove the lemons Let it cool, and store this infusion along with the syrup in the fridge. Now you have the base of your miracle remedy ready. To drink it Put three-quarters of a cup of lemon peel water, heat it, either in a small pot or in the microwave, for about a minute. depending on your microwave. When you open it, the contents of the cup should be steaming. If you do it in the pot as I do, when it’s boiling, serve it. On the other hand, remember that the syrup is separated into layers you must shake it so that all the components are mixed together again. You are going to add the equivalent of a short cup of espresso. That’s like 60 ml or 2 oz. You can also measure it with the caps of the cough syrups, for children, you add two, and it is the equivalent of a cup of espresso. Breathe in the vapor of that tea and drink it with confidence.


You may taste it bitter, because of the lemon peels’ water. If you want, you can omit this water and do it with plain water. Anyway, if it seems to you that it is very bitter, add more honey.  The amount that is to your liking. This way of drinking it, as an infusion, is used especially when you feel very bad. Because in reality, this remedy is very simple and effective drinking it directly, without heating water. I cured my daughter’s asthma, and the rest of my family and friends, of cough, chest pains, and phlegm with this miracle recipe. These five ingredients contain natural antibiotics and expectorants, that reduce respiratory tract inflammation loosen phlegm, strengthen the immune system fight asthma, and are excellent bronchodilators, and, ultimately, that is what we need at this time. So, cheer up!  Always move forward!  And let’s protect ourselves from viruses and diseases with this natural remedy.


It is super essential to perform percussion on the affected person’s back. Sweetie, can you come here for a moment? You are going to perform the percussion firmly for about 10 to 15 minutes twice a day. This is done with the palm of the hand in a concave position, very firmly.  From the bottom up, Firmly! From the bottom up This will cause that phlegm that is stuck, to loosen to come off, and the person can finally cough it out Phlegm is not digested, and in the case of young children, they may vomit, and in that vomit, we will see the amount of phlegm that they swallowed. Because they don’t know how to cough it out as older people do. This is the last recommendation, and it really is the perfect complement. This final trick to de-congest those lungs and improve your health.