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Benefits of pineapple for weight loss

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Benefits of pineapple for weight loss

pineappleCertainly you have actually listened to that pineapple assists you lose weight, however you may not know all the residential properties that this scrumptious tropical fruit treasures. If you intend to drop weight, you need to always have a pineapple in the fruit bowl.  To start with, pineapple has extremely couple of calories because it is composed generally of water. On top of that, it is a diuretic food, that is, it aids us eliminate excess water and salts from our body.   As a result, it is a good ally in weight management.

If we include in this its high fiber material, integrating pineapple in meals is an excellent choice for individuals that suffer from heavy food digestion or digestive problems, on the other hand, it is an antioxidant food with anticoagulant properties.  It enhances blood circulation and permits to battle issues such as high blood pressure and stop heart diseases.   Among its benefits we additionally find skin care and the decrease of orange peel, given that its high water material helps us maintain an excellent water equilibrium in our body as well as avoid fluid retention.

¡With pineapple water you will lose up to 3 kilos in 5 days!

Pineapple peel

Pineapple water is highly recommended for being a natural cleansing food that helps us lose accumulated fluid and cleanses our body of toxins, making it easier to lose weight.  How many kilos?  Well, you can lose approximately three kilos in just five days!

There is a lot of information about pineapple and its properties to lose weight, there are even diets that propose only eating this fruit. The truth is that the most effective way to lose weight is not just eating just one food, but following a proper diet.

It is important to bear in mind that when you consume pineapple water, you ingest one of the liquids with the greatest diuretic and cleansing properties that exists. In addition, it must be clear that “pineapple water” is not the juice that is liquefied with the pulp of this fruit, but rather the juice that comes out of the pineapple skin. For this reason, it is important to keep the shells.

Steps to prepare Pineapple Water

To make pineapple water we have to:

– Remove all the peel from a pineapple and wash it well

– Then Bring it to a boil in a liter of water

– Add a tablespoon of cinnamon with the peel

– Boil the pineapple rind for half an hour (30 min.)

– If you have spare storage in the fridge to preserve its properties

Properties of pineapple water for weight loss

The properties of pineapple water are well known for being a very effective natural laxative but in addition to helping us lose weight, it helps us in more things:

– Good to avoid constipation

– It is good to eliminate gallstones

– Avoid liquid retention

– Helps improve digestion

– Reduce the cholesterol

– Improves the body’s defenses

Keep in mind:

This beverage can be taken all the time with each of the dishes. It is not suggested to consume alcohol pineapple water when you have looseness of the bowels or take diuretics since it has a great effect on the kidney feature of your body. Bear in mind, it is constantly great to seek advice from a nutritionist.